Local and Regional Lists and Info

These pages contain local and regional lists, resources, phenology and other information for the Washington, DC metro area and expanded region, mostly curated by the late Richard (“Dick”) Smith.

Since Dick’s passing, the contact info for letting him know of new county records or ecological observations is incorrect.  These are, for the most part, static pages I can’t correct, so please email me at MDLepsOdes@gmail.com for any changes.

Select your area of interest here or from the menu in the right-hand navigation boxes below this heading.

Butterflies of Maryland Biological Summary and Checklist ( rev 2014)

Butterflies Occurring the District of Columbia

Butterfly Records for MD, DE, and VA

Butterflies of Unknown Status in MD, DE, and DC

Maryland Butterfly Occurrence Chart 2016

Butterfly Records from the Maryland Biodiversity Project

New Butterfly Records For 2015


4 Responses to Local and Regional Lists and Info

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  2. Matthew D. says:

    If anyone wants to make a spectacular butterfly survey website, you should take a good look at wisconsinbutterflies.org for ideas. I just love the site – User submitted sightings with photo submissions, tracking, and local (county level) species lists. Because the species lists are so local, it’s fairly common to see new county species reports (photo proof notated). The site is also perfect for identifying local species. The site has been around for several years. If I moved to another state I would be sad not to have such an excellent resource…I would have to make one.

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