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Common Wisdom About Monarch Genetics Likely Wrong

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Concern Emerges Over Impact of GM Crops on Non-target Insect Predators

Concerns about the effect of certain genetically modified (GM) crops have been discussed widely in the butterfly and moth research community, especially the impact of Bt-enhanced crop strains that kill plant herbivores.  A recent paper from Chinese researchers writing in … Continue reading

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Job Opportunity: Grassland Butterfly Research Technician (North Dakota)

Field technician to assist in data collection on a grassland butterfly research project (40hrs/week). The study objectives include developing abundance and occupancy estimates for grassland dependent butterflies in the Northern Great Plains. Data collection will include butterfly surveying and identification, … Continue reading

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Cercyonis pegala agawamensis: Salt Marsh Wood Nymph

In 2014, Matthew Arey and Alex Grkovich described a new subspecies of Wood Nymph that occurs in the salt marshes in New England (type locality in Essex Co., MA).  The rest of the eastern coastline hasn’t been surveyed for this … Continue reading

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Clemson scientists unraveling astonishing complexities of the butterfly proboscis

Editor’s Note:  I missed this fascinating piece on butterfly proboscis research out of Clemson U earlier this year.  Here’s the university press piece: Jim Melvin, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences; Public Service and Agriculture, August 23, 2016 CLEMSON, … Continue reading

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PA Butterfly Atlas 2017

David Wright has just released the 2017 Butterfly Atlas for Pennsylvania (# 16, if you’re keeping count), which includes a listing of new county records for the 2016 season.  Here’s the PDF in the LepLog library. atlas_pa_bflies-16th-ed-2017

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What is the Birthplace for Most North American Monarch Butterflies?

Hint:  It isn’t, and appears never to have been, the Midwestern breadbasket.  Throwing a real wrench in the prevailing notion that “saving” the Monarch in the US prairie belt is somehow tied to the species’ — or the migration’s — … Continue reading

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