New Area Butterfly Records for 2015


Observation of butterfly species in jurisdictions where they were never previously recorded is becoming a more and more difficult task, as natural history enthusiasts might well expect. One obvious reason is that our local species records, some having their first appearance in published literature as long ago as the late 19th century, are finally reaching a state of thoroughness. This is no surprise, considering the relatively larger number of citizen naturalists out surveying both near and remote field areas nowadays.  The other obvious reason is the degradation and loss of natural habitats everywhere due not only to land conversions for development and modern agricultural but also due simply to increasing human population and activity. Nevertheless, new jurisdictional butterfly records still surface every year, and 2015 was no exception. Some are due simply to remembering and digging out old records that manage to fill in still-existing blanks in published checklists. Others are due to intentionally surveying for and finding species that are not recorded in jurisdictions where they should exist, based on records in surrounding areas. Another reason is that species populations occasionally exhibit irruptions; and especially during these times, numbers may reach levels that make them easier to encounter, or individuals may stray out of normal colony habitation areas. Lastly, although the effect of global warming may be slight on an annual basis, it may eventually lead to actual range changes. The few new records below fall into one or more of these discovery categories. Some of the records below were obtained by reviewing recent entries on the Maryland Biodiversity Project’s (MBP’s) on-line resource website at , the NABA Recent Sightings website at , and the MDLepsOdes on-line forum at!forum/mdlepsodes . Entries for the sightings (and photograph(s), if they accompanied record submission) will soon be entered into and then viewed at the Butterflies and Moths of North America (BAMONA) permanent record-keeping website at . These may be reviewed in detail by going to this website and selecting “Regional Checklists” and then “butterfly,”“United States,” “Maryland,” and “Apply” and then by selecting the species of interest. You will need to scroll to the U.S. map displayed at the bottom of the species discussions, zoom in the Maryland area, and click on any of the sighting dots having orange rings. These are BAMONA’s “Verified Sightings.” Clicking on the “More Detail” option will take you to the record information (and photo(s) too, if these were submitted).

I will also soon update my public on-line historical Maryland, Delaware, and DC state and county checklists and charts to include these new records. These appear at the website under its local listings section at . The prolog at this link gives some historical background on the listing and informs the user as to how to access all state, county, and city butterfly lists and state cross-sectional county-by-county occurrence charts.

The outline below gives in the following order: the state and new county of record, the species common name, the species scientific name, the date of record, the location of record, the name(s) of the record contributor(s), and finally any record-related notes. All contributors are to be commended for their diligence in keeping a watchful eye while out in the field.

Lastly, if you are aware of any new butterfly records from a county or statewide standpoint, from 2015 or earlier, that were not yet announced or I apparently overlooked, please let me know by e-mail at .  (Note that this is a totally new e-mail address for me since my last announcement in 2015 of new butterfly records.) Also, if you are aware of any butterfly county records that actually precede those listed below, please send me that information so I can correct and amend the bookkeeping.  Thanks much.


  1. Dorchester
    1. Hackberry Emperor Asterocampa celtis
      1. 07/17/2015
      2. MBP record (detailed location not available)
  • Jonathan Willey
  1. Photo voucher on MBP
  1. Tawny Emperor Asterocampa clyton
  1. 08/09/2015
  2. MBP record (detailed location not available)
  • Jonathan Willey
  1. Photo voucher on MBP
  2. Frederick
    1. Eastern Pine Elfin Callophrys niphon
      1. 05/10/2013
      2. Comcast Tower area, Frederick Municipal Watershed
  • Kathy Barylski, Denise and Rob Gibbs
  1. Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail Papilio appalachiensis
    1. 05/22/2015
    2. Gambrill State Park
  • Matt Orsie, Barry Marts, and Harry Pavulaan
  1. Photo voucher obtained
  1. Worcester
    1. Dusted Skipper Atrytonopsis hianna
      1. 05/12/2015
      2. Mt. Olive Church Rd. nr. Nassawango Cr. crossing
  • Jennifer Frye
  1. Photo voucher obtained



  1. (no county)
    1. Dion Skipper Euphyes dion
      1. 08/16/2015
      2. Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens
  • Tom Stock and Walter Gould
  1. Photo voucher obtained