New MD Butterfly Field Checklist


As I noted here recently, there was a flurry of taxonomic activity in the world of North American butterflies over the past year, captured in J Pelham’s new Catalogue.  For Maryland butterfliers,  I spent some time yesterday updating our field checklist for the new season of butterfly chasing.  It’s likely to be useful in neighboring states as well.

It’s a PDF designed to be printed in landscape orientation, double-sided, and then folded into thirds to make a compact, field-friendly checklist.  It’s best printed on paper a little thicker than normal copy paper but not quite as stiff as cardstock.

Some of the Latin and common names will appear quite unfamiliar!

If you have used previous versions of the MDLepsOdes field checklist, you’ll see that I’ve moved a number of species into the Vagrant/Historical category as we learn more from new field work here in the MDLepsOdes community.  Thank you all for this!

The field checklist is a living document, so if you find errors (and you will), please let me know and I’ll update the master Word doc and post new PDFs for printing.

MD Field Checklist 2020 pdf FINAL

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1 Response to New MD Butterfly Field Checklist

  1. D says:

    Thank you, Rick! I’m new to butterflies although not new to Maryland. I’m so happy it’s spring. Thank you for your work.

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