2019 Pennsylvania Butterfly Atlas Available


Clearly it’s butterfly atlas time, and David Wright has just updated and released the PA Butterfly Atlas for 2019 (the 18th edition of this important compilation).  As David says in a post to the Facebook page Butterflies and Moths of Pennsylvania, “I tell folks there are still some gaps to fill-in regarding distribution maps of Pennsylvania butterflies. It is helpful to carry a copy of the atlas with you when traveling; you never know when you may encounter a species undocumented for a given county. I carry a digital copy on my cell phone; that works best in the field. I also carry a hard copy in the car (map jacket in the back of the driver’s seat).”

You can download your copy of the Atlas to your iphone (or print out a hard copy!) from the PDF below:

Atlas of Pennsylvania Butterflies, 18th edition, 2019

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4 Responses to 2019 Pennsylvania Butterfly Atlas Available

  1. Does a Maryland Atlas exist?

    • Rick says:

      No, one does not. Closest we come is the late Dick Smith’s Biological Summary and Checklist (elsewhere on this site). Of course many of the geographic functions of an atlas are neatly captured by the Maryland Biodiversity Project site.

  2. Alan Schreck says:

    Is there a way to report and submit photos?

    • Rick says:

      If you mean to the PA Atlas, you’d need to contact them directly. If you mean to this site on WordPress, send them to me to post.

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