Final Mid-Atlantic Butterfly Field Forecast for 2017: Week of 30 September

Finally a Giant Swallowtail in the ‘hood — Mikey Lutmerding took this cell phone pic last Saturday in North Beach, Calvert Co MD [2017 Sept 23]

Well, it’s that time of year again — time to put the weekly Forecast into hibernation for another season.  I hope it’s been an inducement to get out and see some of the amazing butterfly fauna we enjoy here in the mid-Atlantic, and to get to know some of the butterflies — and the plants they depend on — more intimately.

I like to go out on a high note each year, and for 2017 it’s two species seen this week that have not been seen locally all year — a Little Yellow at Patuxent North Wildlife Refuge, and a Giant Swallowtail in Calvert Co.

Still AWOL but could show up before first frost:  Bronze Copper anywhere on the Eastern Shore (or maybe even a repeat of Bonnie Ott’s 2016 amazing Howard Co MD sighting), and Great Purple Hairstreak anywhere on the lower Eastern Shore.

Among the week’s other good sightings were Checkered White and multiple Ocola Skippers in Anne Arundel Co on Saturday’s ANS field trip.  The Painted Lady explosion continues; it’s been opined on other blogs that American Lady is scarce this year, but I would observe rather it’s out in regular numbers just completely swamped by the Painted Lady irruption (which is East-Coast-wide, well into Canada).  A similar irruption on the West Coast is underway for California Tortoiseshell.

Over the coming slow season, please take a few minutes to think about what you value most from the Forecast, and from LepLog in general.  In particular, let me know what you think about the LepLog Calendar — I put a tremendous amount of effort every year in trying to maintain an up to date field trip calendar for local counts and field trips but find it increasingly difficult to get leaders/organizers to send me information, or to send complete information that doesn’t require back-and-forth emails.  The stats for that section of LepLog show it gets good viewership but without better cooperation I’m likely to drop this function in 2018.

Here’s hoping you get a chance to get out and add a few last species to your 2017 season lists; let us know what you find here at or by posting to Google Groups at MDLepsOdes if you do.  I and many others will be posting on MDLepsOdes if we find anything special while the Forecast is on haitus until next April, so feed free to join us there.

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One Response to Final Mid-Atlantic Butterfly Field Forecast for 2017: Week of 30 September

  1. jodibucknam says:

    I really appreciate the LepLog calendar. Although I don’t always make it to all of the field trips I’d like to, I would not hear about them if not for your postings! I use the listings for my own purposes as well as to spread the word to friends and colleagues. I hope you can find a method to keep the calendar next year. I coordinate a butterfly monitoring project at Woodend Nature Sanctuary and hope to bring some of next summer’s participants to additional guided butterfly walks and NABA counts that I usually hear about here.

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