New Field Guide: Butterflies of Pennsylvania

9780822964551The spring is upon us, with sightings of azures, swallowtails, early pierids, elfins — and a brand-new field guide to tell them apart!

Later this month, University of Pittsburgh Press will bring out Butterflies of Pennsylvania: A Field Guide, written by the inimitable team of James L. Monroe and David M. Wright.  Here’s the blurb announcing the new publication:

Butterflies of Pennsylvania is the most comprehensive, user-friendly field guide to date of every species ever recorded within Pennsylvania.  It includes more than 900 brilliant color photographs, making identification quick and easy.  Features include:

  • Skippers of Pennsylvania in addition to butterflies
  • Both the front and back of male and female specimens
  • Magnified photo callouts draw attention to details
  • Information on distinguishing marks and traits
  • County by county occurrence maps
  • Average wing span identifiers
  • Habitat and host plants
  • Tips for field identification
  • Seasonal flight graphs show when they are present

Butterflies of Pennsylvania is a handy reference for a broad readership, including students and educators, backyard butterfly enthusiasts and gardeners, conservationists and naturalists, as well as entomologists and lepidopterists.”

James L. Monroe is a research associate at the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity in Gainesville, Florida, and is professor emeritus of physics at Pennsylvania State University, Beaver. His butterfly photographs have appeared in Nature’s Best Photography, American Butterflies, Butterfly Gardener, and numerous other journals. David M. Wright is chairman of patient safety and quality council at Abington Health-Lansdale Hospital in Pennsylvania. He is an anatomical and clinical pathologist who has published extensively on the butterflies of Pennsylvania and neighboring states. His papers have appeared in American Butterflies, Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society, The Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera, and numerous other journals.

University of Pittsburgh Press has a terrific “flip book” online that lets you browse the book, and it looks really sharp.  I’m looking forward to reviewing it!

When it comes out (Amazon is taking preorders to fulfill April 28) it will be available from the Press for $24.95.  336 pages, paper/flex bound, 5.75 x 8.75 inches.



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