Questionable Commas

There’s a great post currently up on the South Jersey Butterfly B/log that makes for intriguing reading when sorting out this spring’s Eastern Commas and Question Marks.  At issue is regular sightings of Eastern Comma with “broken” punctuation on the silver mark that look more like the “question mark” of P. interrogationis.

LepLog readers might also find interesting the early/late dates of New Jersey butterflies, also on their site currently.

And note they’ve had Eastern Pine Elfin already!

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3 Responses to Questionable Commas

  1. Wednesday Raho says:

    We live in Laguna Niguel California. We found what looks to be like a giant swallowtail caterpillar in our backyard in November. So we stuck it in a little aquarium and a cocoon to but it still has not emerged yet. Is it still alive? How long does it take for them to emerge

    • Rick says:

      If it was a Giant Swallowtail, it would have generated a chrysalis (the term we use for butterflies) rather than a cocoon (which is what moths prepare to pupate in). But the actual question is, when will is emerge? As opposed to the warming temps and daylight here in the East, a lot of times the emergence of West Coast species is timed as much with precipitation and other weather events, so I’m not sure what the emergence trigger will be for you. But do make sure to keep the humidity up in the terrarium by spritzing it with a fine water mist every other day or so.

      • Wednesday Raho says:

        Thank you for your feedback! I have never spritzed the aquarium with water before. I just did and hopefully it’s not too late for the little guy!!

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