New County Records for MD

N Cloudywing

Northern CLoudywing county tick for Washington Co by Rick Cheicante

Thanks to those of you who sent potential new county records for DC, MD, and VA to update the late Dick Smith’s Butterflies of Unknown Status project.  There were few responses to this call, so few updates.

Because I don’t have access either to records that may have been sent to Dick during the first half of 2016, or to the graphics files in which he created the original status sheets, what I’ll leave here are changes to the 2015 update that can be found at

For 2017 going forward, I will only be updating the Maryland data for this project, and only then if the data are entered in the phenomenal Maryland Biodiversity (MBP) Project database (  This is a very easy system to use, and will eventually provide quad-level data for observations of butterflies throughout Maryland.  Sensitive species and sensitive habitats can be shielded from public access here, but I will still be able to report generic observation data.  Working with our MBP colleagues, we’ll be able to spit a record of all new observations for the year and automatically tabulate which ones are new county records.

Two years ago, Dick and I worked with MBP to share a number of his historic records with MBP, so while there are still a few discrepancies, the country records for MBP and for Dick’s Butterflies of Unknown Status project are congruent for most records in the past three decades or so.  More recently, many more records have been input in MBP than are reflected in Dick’s Butterflies of Unknown Status, so that a number of “missing” counties in Dick’s status document are represented in MBP.  In any event, since there will be no way to update Dick’s database, it seems prudent scientifically and recreationally to transfer our attention to the MBP platform as our way of systematically recording butterfly sightings in Maryland going forward.

There is one caveat:  All of Dick’s records were personally verified by him, and likely represent the best known current status of butterflies in their respective counties.  MBP may contain historical data as well as vouchered or verified sightings, but as time goes by we hope to populate MBP with current records and status of all MD butterflies.

Note also that only four of the records below are actually from 2016; several represent old records only recently shared.

Delaware – No new county records submitted in 2016

District of Columbia – No new county records submitted in 2016

Maryland –


Meadow Fritillary [Boloria bellona (Fabricius, 1775)]

Observer:  Rick Cheicante

Details:  2012 August 24, Dailey Road (DeLorme p. 68, C-3)

Notes:  County tick for Dick’s Butterflies of Unknown Status log (not for MBP)


Northern Pearly-eye [Enodia anthedon A.H. Clark, 1936]

Observer:  Rick Cheicante

Details:  2014 June 29 (submitted in 2016), Friendship Landing Road, Nanjemoy, MD

Notes:  This is a record only for Dick’s Unknown Status project; there are    Charles Co records in the MBP database already.


Southern Cloudywing [Thorybes bathyllus (J.E. Smith, 1797)]

Observer:  Rick Cheicante

Details:  2016 June 10, Pearre Road, Hancock MD (DeLorme p. 69, B-5)

Notes:  Country record for MBP (not for Dick Smith’s Unknown Status project)

Northern Cloudywing [Thorybes pylades (Scudder, 1870)]

Observer:  Rick Cheicante

Details:  2012 May 19, Pearre Road, Hancock MD (DeLorme p. 69, B-5)

Notes:  Country record for Dick Smith’s Unknown Status project (not a record for MBP]

Coral Hairstreak [Satyrium titus (Fabricius, 1793)]

Observer:  Kathy Barylski

Details:  2014 June 28, Pleasant Valley Road

Notes:  Record only for Dick Smith’s status report; already represented for Washington Co in MBP

Brown Elfin [Callophrys augustinus (Westwood, 1852)]

Observer:  Kathy Barylski

Details:  2016 April 26, Lamb’s Knoll

Notes:  County tick for Dick Smith’s project only; already represented in MBP

Harvester [Feniseca tarquinius (Fabricius, 1793)]

Observer:  Multiple observers in 2015

Details:  Indian Springs WMA

Notes:  County tick for Dick Smith’s project only; already represented in MBP

Northern Cloudywing [Thorybes pylades (Scudder, 1870)]

Observer:  Kathy Barylski

Details:  2016 June 6, Pleasant Valley Rd

Notes:  County tick for Dick Smith’s project but superseded as record by Rick Cheicante’s record above; already represented in MBP


Sleepy Duskywing [Erynnis brizo (Boisduval & Leconte, [1837])]

Observer:  Kathy Barylski

Details:  2015 April 19, Little Bennett Regional Park

Notes:  County tick for Dick Smith’s project only; already represented in MBP


Bronze Copper [Lycaena hyllus (Cramer, 1775]

Observer:  Bonnie Ott

Details:  2016 Oct. 18, Meadowbrook Park.

Notes:  This represents a single sighting of this species after an absence of some decades in the Piedmont.  Further exploration of the wet grassland habitat is in order to determine whether this was a transplant from a known population elsewhere or actually represents an extant colony.

Retracted Record:            Bronze Copper for 2007 Frederick Co by Kathy Barylski is withdrawn in favor of American Copper.  This leaves the status of Bronze Copper unknown for Frederick Co. in Dick Smith’s Butterflies of Unknown Status.

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