Mid-Atlantic Butterfly Field Forecast 2016 May 21-22


2016 May 15 Hobomok Skipper_MO-Benton Co-Big Buffalo Creek Cons Area

Hobomok Skipper is flying now locally, even though this one hails from the Missouri Ozarks from my trip there last week [2016 May 15, Big Buffalo Creek Conservation Area, MO — photo by REB]

Given the forecast (again), I debated whether it was even worthwhile putting together a Forecast for the weekend. It certainly would not have proven worthwhile today, which was a complete washout, and tomorrow looks like the same.

Nevertheless, over the past week there have been a couple of new sightings to watch for in the field. In Howard Co (MD) and in NY, Hobomok Skipper was reported on the wing, complementing Zabulon which has been emerging recently as well. Common Roadside-skipper continues to be reported across the region, and Checkered White is flying in WV (which may already be its second flight, given that it emerged early in the mid-Atlantic this year). FOY Northern Cloudywing also put in an appearance in NJ and WV, so both it and Southern Cloudywing are likely to be seen in the right habitats across the region. Sleepy Orange in flying in VA and the Carolinas, apparently in numbers, so 2016 could be a good irruptive year for them.

Also among skippers, Peck’s, Sachem, Least and Little Glassywing are building in numbers in VA and likely to be seen anywhere in the mid-Atlantic this week. Peck’s was also on the wing in NJ.

No reports of Dusted Skipper have come in, and searches for it specifically have come up short.

A fresh brood of Red Admirals and American Ladies is due to emerge over the next two weeks, progeny of earlier migrants to the mid-Atlantic.

Next weekend’s Forecast is likely to be more robust; our riverine weather systems are predicted to break by Tuesday and give us a mostly warm, sunny week and the possibility of a clear weekend. If in fact this good weather materializes, please let us know what you observe here at  https://leplog.wordpress.com/ and on Google Groups at MDLepsOdes.

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One Response to Mid-Atlantic Butterfly Field Forecast 2016 May 21-22

  1. Dee Noonberg says:

    can anyone tell me why I have seen no butterfles on my property this summer. It is end July and the many butterflies on my milkweed and butterfly bush have not shown up. We usually get 10 to 15 yellow tail or swallow tail at a time on these plants at this time. We always have at least 1 monarch coming soon, but do not know why there has been no activity of any kind this season

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