Migrating American Ladies

One of the other excellent butterfly blogs in the mid-Atlantic is the South Jersey Butterfly B/Log, whose administrator Jack Connor provides a wealth of resources (sightings logs, butterflying site information, ID tips) in addition to some very interesting and timely articles.

The most recent of these, Northbound Ladies?, describes a spate of observations of American Ladies seen in coastal NJ the past two weeks, mostly rather ragged (a good tip that it’s a migrant this time of year) that seem to be females laying eggs, as if, he says, “now that they have made it here, they can lay their eggs and die.”  Jack provides some interesting background on other migrant butterfly species as well and links to the famous sightings blog he maintains.

As he points out, the dynamics of fall migrations are well established and easy to see and document, while butterfly spring migration is rather more a trickle than a flood and easy to slip past unnoticed.

Good reading!


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