NC Butterflies 23rd Approximation Now Out

Harry LeGrand and Tom Howard recently announced the completion and availability online of the 23rd version of “Butterflies of North Carolina.”  This is an eagerly awaited annual update of their very detailed distribution map and info on butterfly species in the Carolinas.

Here’s their announcement:


Tom Howard and I are pleased to announce that the latest version (23rd) of
the *Butterflies of North Carolina*, is now completed. You can see it or
download it at:

The 23rd is the first of the three Approximations on the website. Note that
the Dragonflies and Damselflies PDF and the Mammals PDF are those from
early in 2015 and have not yet been updated. (I am editing the
dragonfly/damselfly PDF now and it will be available in a few weeks.)  A
number of checklists are also available for downloading on this webpage.

The 23rd approximation contains all of the observations entered during 2015
by folks on the carolinaleps listserve, as well as all data entered on
eButterfly and on the State Parks’ NRID database.  Though no new species
were found in NC in 2015, one species was formally described — Crystal
Skipper (*Atrytonopsis quinteri*) — and a number of other species had
notable range extensions, such as King’s Hairstreak.

*Please note that the butterfly website* — with the color photographs,
color range maps, etc.–* is still not yet back online*. Tom is working on
this, and hopefully he will have an announcement in a couple of weeks about
it being back online (certainly with a new URL).

However, *the PDF has all of the species account texts, county dot maps,
flight chart histograms, and information on earliest and latest dates, high
counts, and # of records of a species in 2015 — for all of the 177 species
in NC*. (It also has county dot maps for species in SC, as well.)

Enjoy, and good butterflying in 2016!

Harry LeGrand (and Tom Howard)

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