In Memoriam — Bob Speaker

Friend and mentor Bob Speaker

Friend and mentor Bob Speaker

As many of you learned from Tom Stock’s report of the DC Annual Count results, the area lep community lost one of its most vibrant and respected mentors recently in the passing of Bob Speaker:

>>At the Youth Garden, I heard the terribly sad news that my friend Bob Speaker had passed away earlier in the week. Bob was a frequent participant on DC counts over the years, and had worked for years on the butterfly garden adjoining the Youth Garden. Bob has left me with many great memories of being together in the butterfly garden talking for hours about many things — politics, our lives, Chincoteague, birding, gardening, barbeque from Hogs on the Hill, and, every now and then, butterflies. Those of us who knew Bob will not forget his welcoming smile, his wry and self effacing humor, and his dedication to the butterfly garden. He will be missed.
I would like to dedicate this 18th District of Columbia Butterfly Count to Bob. He would have loved counting with us, as I feel he was in some way. <<

RootingDC also mourned Bob’s passing in a post on their Facebook page on Friday:

>>From our friends Kaifa Anderson Hall and The Washington Youth Garden: “A beloved member of the Washington Youth Garden — Bob Speaker, a.k.a, “Butterfly Bob” received his butterfly wings today and took flight. He devoted almost 20 years of volunteer service to the Washington Youth Garden, capturing the imaginations of all who entered the garden with his passion for and sea of knowledge of all things butterflies. Every inch of the garden was touched by his hands. He was the most humble teacher and mentor and most importantly an endearing friend to so many. His metamorphosis is now complete. Soar on Butterfly Bob, soar on the wings of love!”<<

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