New Year, Revised MD Checklist for 2015

Northern Metalmark, Green Ridge State Forest, 2014 July 12 [photo REB]

Northern Metalmark, Green Ridge State Forest, 2014 July 12 [photo REB]

I spent some time over the last rainy weekend updating the MDLepsOdes  butterfly field checklist for 2015.  It’s been about 2 years since I printed copies, but if there’s a demand (let me know) I may be coerced into printing a small number on card stock for field use.

Otherwise, you can print it yourself, double-sided, and fold it into a trifold to carry it into the field.

I’ve greatly expanded the Historical/Accidental category based on the most recent sightings data and our own field work over the past couple of summers.  But I look forward to moving them back into active categories (I’ve left room!) as we learn more about MD butterfly distribution this summer.

Grateful thanks to contributors, proofers, and reviewers Dick Smith, Tom Stock, Beth Johnson, Matt Orsie, Fran Pope and Rick Cheicante, and to the increasingly rich sightings data at the Maryland Biodiversity Project.

Download the revised checklist:

Field Trip Checklist for Butterflies of Maryland rev. 2015

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