Introducing the Zip Net!

Our good bee-focused colleague Sam Droege introduced some of us on a local listserv today to a new net technology that attaches a plastic sandwich bag to the funnel of a net.  I’ll let him explain the concept below; here are the Zip Net Directions.


Just got a final manuscript on this new net  from Sol Sepsenwol from U Wisconsin Stevens Point which I have attached to this message.  

What he has essentially created is a modified net design that you can make yourself that attaches sandwich Baggies to the end of a cloth sweep or beater net. 

Since net handling time and the every field day inconvenience of trying to see what you have captured without losing the damn thing is often a bottleneck in field work for the new technician or even the seasoned practitioner… this is a productivity boon.

For those who are doing plant pollination studies, one simply has to sweep up the insect and, boom, pull the bag off to complete an uncontaminated collection.

Sol also demonstrates how Baggies can have kill canisters inserted and how to transfer specimens to alcohol or kill jars from the Baggie.

Also a great way to show people insects and bees without have to wrangle them out of nets.

One of the best new things I have seen recently.

Perhaps a monument should be erected.


Sam Droege                      
USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
BARC-EAST, BLDG 308, RM 124 10300 Balt. Ave., Beltsville, MD  20705
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