Mid-Atlantic Lep Field Forecast for Weekend of 2014 Aug. 9-10

A European Peacock that somehow found its way to the garden of David Amadio in southern NJ on August 3.  See story for link

A European Peacock that somehow found its way to the garden of David Amadio in southern NJ on August 3. See story for link to his account of this sighting!

The southern skipper migration seems to have started, with reports of Fiery Skippers from Silver Spring and from the Glendening Butterfly Garden in Anne Arundel Co MD. Can Long-tailed and Ocola Skippers be far behind?  Variegated Fritillaries are showing up more regularly, but we’re still missing those iconic late-summer Cloudless Sulphurs. A few Buckeyes have been making their way up the coast and have been seen in small numbers locally.

The dicey weather last weekend kept the number of reported sightings to a minimum, but Salt-marsh Skippers were out in numbers in the marshes below Blackwater NWR in Dorchester Co MD. Checkered Whites and Common Checkered-skippers are on the wing, reported from several locations, and more reports of Juniper Hairstreaks trickled in from around the region. One of the reports came from the NJ Audubon Society’s butterfly garden in Goshen, where Rare, Broadwinged, and Aaron’s Skippers were also all flying last weekend. Both Northern and Southern Broken-dashes have been reported up and down the region.

Maryland’s expanding population of Carolina Satyrs in St. Mary’s and Charles Counties is out in a fresh brood, and observers who saw them also saw Painted Lady, fresh Red-banded Hairstreaks, and fresh Zabulon Skippers.

Now is the time to look again for Giant Swallowtail along the Potomac and in the Sideling Hill Creek drainage in Allegany Co. MD. It’s been a tough one to spot the past couple of years. One was reported visiting flowers in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum’s butterfly garden last Friday, but other observers saw what may have been a different, probably tropical (and therefore probably escaped from the Butterfly House) large butterfly that superficially resembled a Giant Swallowtail but was too frenetic for photos or ID. The butterfly has not been observed by folks who went looking for it this week.

But such rarities do show up. Readers might enjoy Dave Amadio’s report on the South Jersey Butterfly B/Log of a European Peacock butterfly on the tithonia in his West Deptford NJ (Gloucester Co) garden. That’s one of his photos featured above.

Also on our watch list this week is White Admiral. There is a pending report on eButterfly of a handful of these all clustered around some mineral source on July 1 at Ft. McHenry in Baltimore. Anyone planning a trip to the Inner Harbor this weekend should keep their eyes out for this color morph! Fresh Red Admirals are being reported throughout the region.

No local NABA counts are scheduled for this weekend.

If you do see these butterflies – or anything else interesting! — please remember to post or send your sightings for the next Weekend Forecast. In the meantime, visit us at https://leplog.wordpress.com/ and on Google Groups at MDLepsOdes.

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