Flying This Weekend in Western MD

Olympia Marble, Allegany Co MD

Olympia Marble, Allegany Co MD

Spent a warm and sunny day in Allegany County MD today in the company of Beth Johnson and Fran Pope.  Many of the early spring specialties of western Maryland were out, including large numbers of Falcate Orangetips; three of the duskywings, Juvenal’s, Sleepy, and Dreamy; Eastern Pine Elfins; large numbers of azures that will require additional study; and singles of Silvery Blue, Gray Hairstreak, and White M Hairstreak (seen by Rick only).  We also had a good number of Olympia Marbles flying in company with the Falcates, necessitating a LOT of netting and in-hand examination! Falcates outnumbered Marbles about 3:1; the Falcates had clearly been flying for a week or more already and many were already showing wear.  The Marbles were all quite fresh.

No swallowtails were flying yet; they should be out in another week or so.  And no tortoiseshells, which we always hope for once we cross into the Maryland panhandle.

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