Lep Forecast for Weekend of 2014 March 24

Not a very promising weekend for those of us in the DC metro area (or much of the rest of the mid-Atlantic either, it appears).

While temps are likely to be warm enough tomorrow (Sat.), it’s all going to be about the cloud cover.  Best chance for sun seems to be in the morning and toward the north and west.  Rain is a possibility later in the day.  Sunday appears to be a complete wash (perhaps literally) with cool temperatures, clouds, and possible showers.  And then there’s a return to cold temperatures and the possibility of snow early next week.

Last weekend was a good one here in metro area, with both expected Polygonia anglewings and Mourning Cloaks putting in a show.  No pierids reported yet this year, although we should be seeing Orange Sulphur and Cabbage White very soon, and Falcate Orangetip by early April — many of the cresses and cardamines are not yet in flower so there is little adult nectar available except red and swamp maples. Farther south, in the Carolinas, the season seems actually to be a bit early, with Juvenal’s Duskywing and White M Hairstreak (nectaring on flowering plums) reports both coming in from South Carolina this week as well as the expected whites, sulphurs, and nymphalids.

Good luck if you venture out this weekend!
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