Report of the MD Botanical Heritage Work Group

MD Botanical Heritage Work Group ReportButterflies depend on diverse plant assemblages both for larval food and adult nectar and other food sources, so it behooves the good field lepidopterist to know as much as possible about our native flora.  The Maryland Botanical Heritage Work Group in January released its report to the Governor and General Assembly its sobering report on the state of Maryland’s plant diversity.

The Maryland Botanical Heritage Work Group was created in June 2013 (Chapter 655, Acts of 2013) to prepare a report to the General Assembly and the Governor that would define challenges, explore opportunities and make recommendations for the “preservation of plant species native to the State and the region.” Authorization for the Work Group extends through May 31, 2014. The law is included as Appendix 1. Work Group members who are not state employees received no compensation for their participation. State staff were provided from among current employees. The Work Group began its work in late August after the members had been appointed by the Governor or designated by the Secretaries of their respective agencies.

The 2014 Maryland Botanical Heritage Group report is available in the LepLog library.

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