2014 Butterfly Conservation (UK) Annual Meeting


Sir David Attenborough is president of Butterfly Conservation

Sir David Attenborough is president of Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation will hold its 7th International Symposium at the University of Southampton,  April 4-6. The programme includes presentations by US speakers Bob Pyle (“How the Blues Began: Butterfly Conservation and the American Experience”); Emily Saarinen (“Conservation Genetics of Endangered Prairie Lepidoptera in the U.S.”); Ann Swengel (“Grass-skipper Trends in Midwsterns USA Grasslands during 1988-2013); David James (“Beauty with Benefits:  Butterfly Conservation in Washington State, USA Wine Grape Vineyards”); and Jaret C. Daniels (“Exctinction, Decline, and Loss of Butterflies in Southern Florda”) among others, as well as sessions on hedgerow management for micromoth conservation, impact of climate change on butterfly populations (including phenological mismatches between butterflies and their nectar sources as a consequence), and a host of species-specific and country-specific discussions.

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