West Virginia White Sightings Wanted

West Virginia White -- photo courtesy wisconsinbutterflies

West Virginia White — photo courtesy wisconsinbutterflies

Ohio doctoral student Sam Davis and her advisor are asking for help from field lepidopterists to share their data on first appearances for West Virginia White:

>>I hope you’re as excited as I am for the coming spring! As part of my thesis, and to benefit everyone interested in the WVW butterfly, I’m trying to develop a model to predict emergence for the butterfly.

I have the dataset that’s been shared here by Cathi, but I need more points to really start to develop a trustworthy model.  I’m trying to use growing degree days (GDD) and other climatic variables to predict when these guys will come out. If I can develop a model, that means less guessing for us, and better monitoring.

Here’s what I need: I need dates/times and locations of first appearances of the West Virginia White butterfly in your area. I don’t need all of the days you saw them, just the first 🙂 For locations, GPS coordinates would be best, so that I can use those to find the nearest weather station to download climatic information. You can use google to find the GPS coordinates (if you can point to it on a map) — email me, and I can tell you how.

I know you may have submitted all of your records to Cathi already, but if you know of anyone outside of this list, or you have a few rogue records (like, outside of the LEAP monitoring area) that you could send along, that would be great. The “perfect” dataset for me would be one where we have emergence (first sighting) dates for multiple years at a single location.

Please, please, please! Send this along to other lists, to other butterfly enthusiasts, museum coordinators (historical records would be fine for this!), anyone that you think may be able to help.

Send your responses directly to me at samantha.davis.52988@gmail.com

Thank you! Have a great day!

Sam(antha) Davis

Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Candidate

Wright State University

Dayton, OH 45435<<

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2 Responses to West Virginia White Sightings Wanted

  1. Sonia Di Fiore says:

    I was at Fowler Woods State Nature Preserve (in Richland County) this afternoon (4/21/14) and saw a West Virginia White flying at 2:45pm. It is a really lovely, mature maple-beech forest preserve with a ton of the butterfly’s host plant. It was my first visit there and it was such a treat to see the WVW, which topped off a perfect afternoon!

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