Maryland Weekend Lep Forecast for March 15-16

Despite the very chilly day tomorrow and the increasing chances of snow next week, local butterflies are starting to pop out, with sightings of Mourning Cloak in Gambrills State Park last weekend at High Knob. Sunny skies and temps in the upper 50’s F on Friday and similar highs with partly cloudy skies on Saturday should be warm enough to support additional emergence both days, especially among anglewings and cloaks, but it will all depend on the cloud cover whether we see anything flying.  The advance forecast for Sunday is for temps to barely hit 50 F.

Meantime, in the Carolinas, the season is already well underway with Sleepy Orange, spring form Summer Azure, Cabbage White, Colias sulphurs,and anglewings all out. In fact, in what we can hope will soon be a mid-Atlantic-wide phenomenon, azures have set an early date for emergence in the Greenville NC area.

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