As we contemplate a return to the deep freeze (and maybe even yet another snowstorm) this weekend, it’s heartening and perhaps more than a little envy-inducing to shout out to area lepsters who scored FOS butterflies last weekend (and remember, I did predict this!).

Before I go further, though, let me say that I didn’t have any luck personally, despite being out almost all day Saturday (Patuxent North Tract) and Sunday (Jug Bay-Merkle Critical Area Driving Tour route).  So much for my prognostication skills.

Jim Brighton was much more fortunate in his backyard in Talbot Co. MD on Sunday with a Mourning Cloak for what I think is the first verified Maryland butterfly in flight this season.  Back on the western shore of MD, Sue Hamilton scored her Cloak on Monday morning on the trails of the American Chestnut Land Trust in Calvert Co.   No Polygonias reported from MD yet.

The story is different to our south, where Paul Bedell kicked up both Comma and Question Mark at Pocahontas SP south of Richmond on Saturday.  Farther south still, all three plus American Lady and an early azure sp. were on the wing in the Carolinas (the latter two near Charleston).

I think we’re out of the game for at least a week here in Maryland.