Hunting Hibernacula

Okay, so they’re not flying yet, but Todd Stout sent us this great tip on collecting hibernating caterpillars (hibernacula) of the Red Spotted Purple (Limenitis astyanax astyanax)  Todd says, “Your willows should be leafing out within the next month or so; which serves as a nice lab host.  Here is a video I created near Lake Gaston, North Carolina on how to find these hibernacula.  I have also found them near Williamsburg, VA and Glen Burnie, MD.”

Enjoy the video!

And Todd’s sent us another one he recorded just the other day back out West for Weidemeyer’s Admiral.  Todd says, “It adds another tidbit that’s helpful when looking on black cherry (red spotted purple), choke cherry (Lorquin’s Admiral and Weidemeyer’s Admiral), and serviceberry (Lorquin’s Admiral.)”

 Here’s that video.
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