Atlas of PA Butterflies

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 10.38.56 PMDavid Wright alerted the PALepsOdes listserv this week of the 2013 updates to the PA Butterfly Atlas:

>>Attached is the annual update to the Atlas of Pennsylvania Butterflies in PDF. There were 70 additional county records logged in 2013. To help save a few trees, the atlas is being issued primarily in electronic form this year. A handful of hard copies have been printed & bound. If some folks would like a hard copy to take with them on their nature forays, send me an email and I will mail them. [wripenn || AT || AOL dot com]

An interesting fact:  A total of 724 people have contributed records to the construction of the atlas since 1981.  I compiled a list of contributors this winter and was amazed by the total. It emphasizes the magnitude of effort required to develop regional distributions.
Hopefully, we will continue to fill-in distribution gaps in the years to come. Also keep looking for newly-established range extensions. It may be hard to believe, but 2014 might be a good year. Overwintering leps (buried in snow) should have a good start this spring.<<
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