July in Utah — 63rd Annual Meeting of The Lepidopterists’ Society

ea762114e95a4779322d024d1fc93ea6The Utah Lepidopterists’ Society and Utah Butterfly Field Trips  invite you to attend the 63rd Annual Meeting of The Lepidopterists’ Society–Uniting Amateur and Professional Lepidopterists.The main meeting will take place July 16-19, 2014, at the Yarrow Resort Hotel and Conference Center located in historic Park City, Utah.Nestled at the heart of the Wasatch Mountains at an elevation of 6800′, Park City is only minutes from outstanding butterfly and moth habitat.  It is also home of the Sundance Film Festival, the alpine heart of the 2002 Winter Olympiad, and is only 40 minutes from Salt Lake International Airport.

The schedule includes eleven field trips for butterfly and moth collectors as well as photographers both before and after the meeting; extending events from Sunday, July 13 through Monday, July 21. Because the number of participants associated with each field trip will be limited, it is recommended that you register early.

The Friday evening barbecue will be held in the atrium of the new Natural History Museum of Utah situated along the east side bench overlooking the Salt Lake Valley. On Tuesday evening, July 15, there will be a reception at the Yarrow Hotel and Conference Center. Student papers are scheduled for Wednesday, July 16 where formal presentations and poster sessions are scheduled for July 17-19. Other special evening events will include the traditional banquet on Saturday evening, July 19.

They will also be providing a special event presentation on the history of Utah lepidopterists and Utah lepidoptera on Thursday evening, July 17 at the hotel.

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