Countown to 2014 Flight Season — Less than Two Months Away!

And this is likely to be a good anglewing spring, since the high winds, ice, and snow with very low temperatures have led to a lot of limb and branch damage in local woods.  Sap from these arboreal wounds are an important early food source for Commas, Question Marks, Mourning Cloaks and other woodland butterflies that overwinter as adults and emerge during warm spells in the late winter and early spring as soon as sap starts flowing. If we ever thaw out, I suspect we’ll have good sightings of these species this spring.

Meantime, to counter mid-winter lep withdrawal, I’ve begun the annual compilation of the year’s annual counts and field trips at LepLog.  I’ve already gotten dates for seven 2014 counts and field trips, which you can check out above.  And if you are planning to lead a field trip or organize a count, please let me know!
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