More Corals — PG County

Tail to tail comparison HS BethJIf you aren’t up for the trek out to Eastern Neck NWR that Beth, Tom and I made Saturday to pick up Coral Hairstreak, you might want to stop by Northeast Branch in College Park.  This is the same location that I blogged about earlier with Banded and Striped Hairstreaks on a patch of dogbane in the fallow fields in back of the Herbert Wells Ice Rink on Paint Branch Parkway, reachable along the Northeast Branch Trail that parallels the creek.

Beth went out yesterday morning to see if she could get Striped Hairstreaks (she did, as illustrated by the great tail-to-tail comparison of Striped and Banded Hairstreak), but she also picked up — a Coral Hairstreak!2013 Coral HS WGould NE Branch copy

Walter Gould went back this afternoon and checked out a few scattered Asclepias tuberosa, butterflyweed, in the same field.  And found MORE Coral Hairstreaks.  Looks like a great flight year for this species.

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2 Responses to More Corals — PG County

  1. Mona Miller says:

    I’m really enjoying the education and the incredible diversity of butterflies that you, Tom, and Beth are finding. What’s your total so far for the year? Thanks for keeping up these incredible posts.

    • Rick says:

      It’s been a pretty amazing year so far. Tom and I have both already broken the 80 species barrier. And we’ve been seeing Monarchs all over, despite the lack of posted sightings. I had Baltimore in HoCo and Tom had it in Frederick. And we’ve already scored both Emperors. We’ve got a few gimmes left to come — Cloudless Sulphur, Little Yellow, European Skipper, the mountain Fritillaries — but mostly hard slogging for the last 20.

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