Side x Side: Banded and Striped Hairstreaks

Tom Stock and I went back to the Northeast Branch Trail today before the rain set in, he to score the Banded Hairstreak he missed yesterday, and I to see the Striped Hairstreak he saw instead.  We ran into Walt Gould and some of his APHIS colleagues, and among us found at least three Striped Hairstreaks and 6 Banded Hairstreaks, all but one (a Banded) on the newly emerging dogbane flowers in one of the fallow fields of the University of Maryland M2 properties.

Posing so closely together at the same time gave us great opportunities to compare the features of these similar hairstreaks:   similar ground color and banding, and multiple “tails,” but the banding on the Striped is much more evident (especially in these fresh individuals) and the blue marginal spot on the HW is capped with orange in the Striped Hairstreak but not in the Banded.  Both photos are Tom’s, Banded on the left and Striped on the right for comparison.

2013 banded hairstreak Tom Stock2013 striped hairstreak Tom Stock

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