Banded Hairstreak

2013 June 4 Silvery Checkerspot PG CoWalter Gould emailed me a little after noon today to alert me to the emergence of a flight of Banded Hairstreak in his local “patch,” a section of Northeast Branch Trail between Riverdale and College Park in Prince George’s Co., MD.  I had the chance to get home a little early too, so headed out to this area (which is only about a mile from my house) around 3 pm.  By this time, the sunny glade where Walter had found two Bandeds skirmishing at noon was in deep shade, and although I hung around the area for about an hour I saw no hairstreaks.  Other things were flying, though; notably a couple of huge Swamp Darners that easily eluded my net and a couple of Lancet Clubtails that did not.

Exploring a little closer to the creek I found six very fresh Silvery Checkerspots in a clearing with a decent stand of wingstem, as well as a selection of grass skippers (notably Least, Crossline, Zabulon, and Little Glassywing), a superabundance of Little Wood Satyrs (in the grass and, surprisingly, well up into the trees), a fresh flight of Zebra Swallowtails, and a Sleepy Orange.  Azures (presumably summer form Spring Azure) were out in good numbers, too.

2013 June 4 Banded Hairstreak PG CoWalking back to the car around 6 pm I stopped at the Banded Hairstreak location one last time — and luck was with me.  A single Banded Hairstreak, obviously newly emerged, was basking low in the grasses in the last slanting light through the trees.

The hairstreak and checkerspot brought my MD100 total to 59.

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