20th Approximation “Butterflies of North Carolina”

Harry LeGrand and Tom Howard have just brought out their 20th Approximation of the Butterflies of North Carolina — 10 days ahead of schedule, no less!  This “butterfly atlas” for the state is a huge undertaking, and the 2012 update has a lot of new information from last season. And many of the species accounts and other natural history notes make it a valuable reference for us in the mid-Atlanltic.  As Harry notes, “Last year (2012) saw far more records posted to the carolinaleps listserve
than ever before, yielding somewhere in the vicinity of about 12,000 new records!”

The 20th approximation contains:

1.      A new species account, White Checkered-Skipper
2.      Many, many new county records
3.      Many, many new earliest dates (2012 was a very warm spring, and
thus there were lots of early records)

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