Ferrer-Paris Awarded Encyclopedia of Life Fellowship

Butterfly research gets international boost

[Reposted from the SANBI website]  Dr José Ferrer-Paris, a postdoctoral fellow at the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) has been announced as one of the winners of the 2013 Rubenstein Research fellowships offered by the Encyclopedia of Life project in Washington, USA.   The Encyclopedia of Life organization (EOL) seeks to provide global access to knowledge about life on Earth by gathering trusted information on all species known to science into a single free, open and actively curated website at http://www.eol.org. This site now features information on over a million species and is a crucial resource for researchers, educators and citizens seeking to understand the world around them.

The 2013 EOL Rubenstein Fellows have been chosen based on their ability to leverage information from the existing EOL collection to pursue large-scale scientific questions that require a data resource of global breadth. Dr Ferrer has been working with a fellow postdoc from Venezuela, Dr Ada Sanchez Mercado, on SANBI’s extensive databases on the plant and butterfly species of South Africa. The Rubenstein fellowship will enable them to extend this collaboration and use EOL web-content for the assessment of large scale patterns in butterfly host plant associations at a global scale.

‘We are delighted that our research has gained international recognition through this prestigious fellowship award’ said Ferrer-Paris.  ‘This will ensure that generations to come can still appreciate and conserve butterflies in their natural environments’.

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