New Features for Maryland Biodiversity Project

Many of you know the great project Bill Hubick and Jim Brighton launched to categorize Maryland’s plant and animal species, the Maryland Biodiversity Project.  They announced this week a new function for the site, county by county records for a number of organisms — birds, odes, and butterflies among them.  Here’s Bill’s note making the announcement:

>>Jim Brighton and I are excited to announce a major addition to the Maryland Biodiversity Project. Now when you visit any checklist, you can switch to “County Records” view. This will show presence/absence of records for the species in Maryland’s 23 counties. We believe our records are complete – or very close – for birds, reptiles and amphibians, butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, and tiger beetles. If you notice anything missing or inaccurate in those lists, please let us know. All other records are being collected from any and all available sources and will be filled in as a fun, but massive, long-term effort.<<

The link for the butterflies is; the full site is simply


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