Comments Due on Endangered Species Proposals

Andy Warren, President of the Lep Society, reminded folks on a couple of listservs about endangered species listing actions on some Western blues for which the comment period is about to expire —>>


If you are interested in the proposed rule to list the Mt. Charleston Blue butterfly (Plebejus shasta charlestonensis) as Endangered under the USA Endangered Species Act (ESA), together with five additional species of `blues’ in Nevada to be listed as Threatened under the ESA due to `Similarity of Appearance’ (SOA), as per the following:!documentDetail;D=FWS-R8-ES-2012-0069-0001!documentDetail;D=FWS-R8-ES-2012-0069-0002

Please see the comments submitted to date on the case, including a formal statement by the Executive Council (EC) of The Lepidopterists’ Society, submitted today (19 Nov.):!docketDetail;D=FWS-R8-ES-2012-0069

If you are a Lepidopterists’ Society Member (or even if you’re not!), and agree with what we have written, PLEASE submit your own comments, endorsing what the EC has stated, and elaborate… You can submit comments here; it’s easy!:!submitComment;D=FWS-R8-ES-2012-0069-0001

We have only 7 days left to voice our opinions on this proposed rule! I know the political elections are over and we are busy preparing for Thanksgiving. But… Everyone, please, submit comments expressing your opinions on this case; this SOA precedent is a dangerous, irresponsible and prejudiced precedent for the USFWS to establish (in my opinion); the current proposed rule on the Mt. Charleston Blue can be seen as a `referendum’ on the application of the SOA provision more widely in the future in butterflies (after its “successful” establishment in S Florida, listing as Threatened 3 species of blues while listing the Miami Blue as Endangered, earlier this year).

Only 17 comments have been submitted to date on this proposed rule! Come on, get on it people, submit your views on the matter!!!

Please comment here within the next week! (deadline is end of day on Nov. 26!):!submitComment;D=FWS-R8-ES-2012-0069-0001


Andrew D. Warren, PhD
President, The Lepidopterists’ Society

Senior Collections Manager
123 McGuire Hall
McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity
Florida Museum of Natural History
University of Florida
3215 Hull Rd., UF Cultural Plaza
P. O. Box 112710
Gainesville, FL 32611-2710
Office: (352) 273-2015
Cell: (352) 359-0668
Fax: (352) 392-0479

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