Flight of the Butterflies 3D

Flight of the Butterflies 3D, the highly anticipated new large-screen film on Monarch migration by the team behind Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure, opens October 5th at the National Museum of Natural History.

Flight of the Butterflies chronicles a year in the migratory cycle of Monarchs and the challenges facing the preservation of their Mexican wintering grounds.  It also follows the life of Fred Urquhart, familiar to many readers of LepLog.  Urquhart is played by Canadian actor Gordon Pinset.

You can read a synopsis of the project, including stills of Mexican President Calderon on the set the last day of filming (the Mexican government helped support production and distribution), on the Toronto-based SK Films site.
View the trailer for Flight of the Butterflies.  Check the showtimes at the National Museum of Natural History for this film at its IMAX schedule site.

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