Hairstreaks at Brookside Garden

A stop by Brookside Gardens in Wheaton (Montgomery C0.)  on the way home this afternoon before the clouds piled up yielded this FOY White M Hairstreak (below, note the basal white spot on the HW) nectaring with a Red-banded Hairstreak (the one in focus, of course) on Cut-leaved Coneflower in the parking lot next to the conservatory.  The rest of the garden was hopping, too, especially the Verbena bonariensis planting just up the steps at the end of the driveway turnaround.  This small walled garden area had — conservatively — 300 or so Sachems in every conceivable Sachem guise, as well as good numbers of Fiery, Crossline, Silver-spotted, and Little Glassywings; plus smaller numbers of Zabulon (females only this time, very fresh), Tawny-edge and Peck’s Skippers, as well as three Wild Indigo Duskywings.  Loads of Eastern Tiger Swallowtails on the buddleias and Joe-pye weed.  A Gray Hairstreak brought the hairstreak count to three.
I looked in vain for a stray Long-tailed Skipper, or a Harvester hanging out on the increasing numbers of woolly aphids down by the stream on the alders.

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