WABC Members Event Aug. 18, Washington VA

CANCELLED:  Rob reports that this WABC event is canceled for lack of attendance.


Washington Area Butterfly Club (WABC) members and their guests are invited to Bruce Jones’s beautiful property in Rappahannock Co., VA on Saturday, August 18. Members may arrive as early as 11:00 a.m. with a lunch/picnic and may use the Joneses’ deck for eating following a brief initial walk.

Bruce and Susan manage over 160 acres, all dedicated to wildlife habitat. Before and after lunch, we will walk woodland edges, pond edges, wet meadows, and dry meadows with short and tall warm-season grasses and everything in between. The Joneses have about every native plant there is, including both nectar and host plants, which attract many birds and insects.

In addition to WABC members, Bruce has invited Robin Williams, a recent convert to the butterfly world who is the coordinator of a NABA count.


Property of Bruce Jones
601 Long Mountain Road
Washington, VA

Allow 90 minutes from the beltway and 30 minutes from Warrenton. Directions will be provided later.

Please contact Rob if you plan to attend (rsimm32573@aol.com) that he has a count of attendees that Bruce can use to plan the walking routes.

Scott Baron recently explored the property and shared his sightings list:

>>I butterflied with two others at the Jones property on Sat. July 28 for the Washington, Va. butterfly count. We saw a good variety of species including multiple Little Yellows and Cloudless Sulphurs.


Property: Bruce and Susan Jones

Location on Property: house/gardens area, fields, wood edge
Team members: Sandy Liebel, Greg Davis, Scott Baron
Time start: 8:45am
Time end: 4:55pm
Distance by vehicle: 0 (but 2.1 miles if you count Long Mountain Rd.)
Distance on foot: 3 miles (maybe 2 miles not counting backtracking)
Weather: 78 to 89F, variably cloudy, light breeze. No precip. but thunder off to the south after 4pm.

Species list:

-Pipevine Swallowtail, *25 caterpillars*
-Black Swallowtail, 1
-Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, 136 (111 yellow, 25 dark female). Nectared on Cardinal Flower, Plumeless Thistle, Purple Coneflower, Rough-leaved Sunflower, Bergamot, mint sp., unknown non-native white flowering plant, Joe Pye Weed sp., Bottlebrush Buckeye, phlox sp.
-Spicebush Swallowtail, 38. Nectared on silene sp., Cardinal Flower, Bergamot, Bull Thistle, Plumeless Thistle, Purple Coneflower
-dark swallowtail sp., approx. 10

-Cabbage White, 28
-Clouded Sulphur, 1
-Orange Sulphur, 2
-Cloudless Sulphur, 17. Nectared on Cardinal Flower.
-Sleepy Orange, 11

-Little Yellow, 8. Nectared on White Clover.
-American Copper, 1
-Gray Hairstreak, 3. Nectared on White Clover, Common Yarrow.
-Red-banded Hairstreak, 6. Nectared on clethra sp., goldenrod sp., Bottlebrush Buckeye.
-Eastern Tailed-Blue, 90. Nectared on Joe Pye Weed! Also forgot to write it down but almost certainly White Clover.

-Summer Azure, 2
-blue sp., 1
-Variegated Fritillary, 7
-Great Spangled Fritillary, 5. Nectared on (Joe Pye Weed???) forgot to write it down.
-Silvery Checkerspot, 26. Nectared on dung, mountain-mint sp., clethra sp.

-Pearl Crescent, 2
-Silvery Check./Pearl Cres., 1
-American Lady, 1. Nectared on us.
-Red Admiral, 5
-Common Buckeye, 4. Nectared on Rough Fleabane.

-Red-spotted Purple, 2
-Hackberry Emperor, 1
-Tawny Emperor, 1. Nectared on us.
-Monarch, 3
-Silver-spotted Skipper, 33. Nectared on skullcap sp., Queen Anne’s Lace, Pickerelweed, Red Clover.

-Hayhurst’s Scallopwing, 1. Nectared on White Clover, I think. (I forget).
-Southern Cloudywing, 1. Nectared on White Clover, I think. (I forget).
-Common Checkered-Skipper, 1
-Swarthy Skipper, 1
-Tawny-edged Skipper, 1. Nectared on blazing star sp.

-Crossline Skipper, 3. Nectared on blazing star sp., Red Clover.
-Little Glassywing, 3. Nectared on Cup Plant.
-Sachem, 9. Nectared on Red Clover.
-Zabulon Skipper, 13. Nectared on Bull Thistle, Pickerelweed, sunflower sp.
-Dun Skipper, 2
-Ocola Skipper, 1. Nectared on Cup Plant.

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One Response to WABC Members Event Aug. 18, Washington VA

  1. Tom Stock says:

    Robin Williams? THE Robin Williams? That is so exciting! I have always wanted to ask him about what it was like playing Garp opposite Glenn Close in The World According to Garp… I hope I can make it to this event.

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