Summer Doldrums Hit Early

We seem to be already in the early summer lep drought given mine and Beth Johnson’s experience at Jug Bay Natural Area and Merkle Wildlife Refuge yesterday in PG County.  Very few lep in both numbers and diversity.  Best sighting of the day by far was not one but two grey petaltail dragonflies on the Jug Bay Natural Area boardwalk.  Beth got a nice shot. Only lep of note was a FOS great spangled fritillary.  Conspicuous by their absence were little wood satyr, pearl crescents, and better numbers of Eastern tailed-blues (we saw only 2).  Second brood comma does not seem to have emerged here yet; the only anglewing in flight is the summer brood of question mark which has been in the air for a few weeks already.  We had one high flyover that was a likely mourning cloak.



Zebra swallowtail (single fresh adult of the summer brood)

Black swallowtail (single female working the dill in the visitor center garden)

Cabbage white

Orange sulphur

Summer azure (rather abundant, actually; most seeking oviposition sites on blooming/budding viburnum and dogwood)

Eastern tailed-blue

Variegated fritillary (only 2 in one of the fallow fields)

Great spangled fritillary (single adult flying through)

American lady

Red admiral (only 2, down from their superabundance just a few weeks ago)

Question mark


Peck’s skipper

Zabulon skipper



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