SE Arizona Lepidoptera Course, 11-20 August

The 2012 Lepidoptera Course will be held at the SW Research Station in the heart of the Chirichahua Mts. of SE Arizona (about 2 hours from Tucson) on 11-20 August. This setting is one of the highest areas of lepidoptera biodiversity in the US. The focus of the course is to train serious amateurs, citizen-scientists, and academic professor in lepidoptera identification, classification, and biology. The staff for the 2012 course includes:
-Deane Bowers, U of Colorado
-Jason Dombroskie, Cornell University
-Lee Dyer, U of Nevada, Reno
-Paul Goldstein, USNM
-Hugh McGuinness
-Jim Miller, AMNH
-Ray Nagle, U of Arizona
-Chris Schmidt, CNC
-Dave Wagner, U of Connecticut.
-Bruce Walsh, U of Arizona

Course fees (which includes room and board) is $1070 for students (and course
alumni) and $1170 for nonstudents. Application deadline is 11 June 2012.
Further details, and a link to the application form, can be found at You can also see photos and comments from students in the
2011 course at their facebook site, “2011 Lep Course, SWRS SEAZ”. For any questions, contact Bruce Walsh,

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