WV Butterfly Atlas

Susan Olcott of the WV Department of Natural Resources recently announced the creation of a West Virginia Butterfly Atlas project to run through 2016.  Susan specifically requests that anyone wishing to participate please contact her first at either the address, phone number, or e-mail listed below to receive details on data protocol and policies.  For example, GPS coordinates of each record, which can be obtained after the fact from google.maps, are required. The announcement is below and the list of target species is linked in:

The atlas project is scheduled to run from spring 2012 through 2016.  During the first two years, efforts will concentrate on the Monongahela National Forest because we (the WV DNR) received a grant from the Forest Service to survey for rare butterflies (following up on Linda Butler’s gypsy moth control work from the 1990s).  However, I’ll be accepting vouchers from anywhere in the state.  [Definitive live photographic series displaying critical identification features, as well as collected specimens, will be accepted.]  Although I hope not to have to use [purely] sight records, I’ll be collecting those as well just in case.   We’ll be looking for all butterflies and for selected moths – Saturniidae, Sphingidae, and state rare species (17 species – WV Atlas species list.  We were successful in using volunteers for surveying for an Odonate atlas that was finished a couple of years ago, so we’re planning on using them again.  This atlas is modeled after the Maine Butterfly Survey, with similar dataforms and protocols.  Like any atlas, the primary purpose is the documentation of species accompanied by a date and good location data.

 Susan Olcott

Wildlife Diversity and Technical Services Unit

WVDNR Wildlife Resources Section

PO Box 99 1110 Railroad St

Farmington, WV 26571


fax (304)825-6270



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