Butterflies in Winter, January 15

[Readers note:  This replaces a previous listing for this event with new information]

Butterflies in Winter ― Sunday, January 15, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.  Registration
Required. Location is Rust Library in Leesburg. Did you leave your garden a
little “messy” at the end of the season? Well, hidden in old flower stems or
tucked away in a hibernaculum, an egg or caterpillar may be waiting out the
chill. And what about the adults? Well – there just may be butterflies in
that leaf pile!Where do butterflies go in the winter? How do they hibernate?
In what form?  How does a miniscule egg form into a beautiful creature of
flight?  Can you raise butterfly eggs to adulthood for release? Nicole
Hamilton will answer all of these questions, show you some overwintering
chrysalids and more! Learn how you can help butterfly populations and
encourage butterflies to over-winter in your very own backyard. For those
interested, following the program, we’ll walk around the habitat restoration
area and see what signs of butterflies we can find. This free program is
sponsored by Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy.  Sign up online. For questions,
contact Nicole Hamilton at nhamilton@loudounwildlife.org

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