Summer Butterfly Fieldwork

An opportunity of potential interest to LepLog readers:

From: Erica Fleishman []

Subject: butterfly field work, summer 2012

Dear all,

During the summer of 2012 (and 2013 and 2014), with support from the
Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program, colleagues and I
will be conducting surveys of butterflies in the central Great Basin,
western Great Basin (east slope of the Sierra Nevada and 2-3 nearby
mountain ranges), and Chesapeake Bay Lowlands. We realize that reliable
field assistants who can identify butterflies are not easy to find, so
we’re starting early. We’re looking for about 2 people who could work in
each system (4-6 people total) for the duration of the field season.

We’ll pay well. The landscapes are spectacular. Lots of hiking and
camping, especially in the west. There are opportunities for independent
research or graduate projects if the individuals wish.

Please let me know if you have any candidates in mind, or feel free to have
them contact me directly. The two most important criteria are existing
familiarity with butterflies and common sense in remote field locations.
Happy to answer any questions. Thanks very much.

Best wishes,


Reply to: efleishman |AT| ucdavis |DOT| edu

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