New Checklist of Mid-Atlantic Butterflies

As the season nears a close here in the Metro DC area, good lepsters are already thinking ahead to the 2012 flight.  And here’s the resource to dream with over the next couple of cold months.

Using Dick Smith’s regional records as the base, I’ve formatted the records as a WABC Checklist of Mid-Atlantic Butterflies.  It’s designed to be printed back-to-back on one sheet of paper, but in a pinch you can just put them back-to-back and then refold them as a trifold brochure.

Any mistakes are my own, so please send any errors or corrections to so I can fix them!

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2 Responses to New Checklist of Mid-Atlantic Butterflies

  1. Dave Amadio says:

    Excellent Checklist Rick! Will be nice for recording trip lists. The following may also be included if the “Mid-Atlantic” is stretched a little bit. Lace Winged Roadside, Carolina Roadside, Reversed Roadside, Yehl,& Duke’s Skippers. Thanks for putting this list together!

    Dave Amadio

    • Rick says:

      That is quite a stretch . Closest I’ve seen Yehl’s is Dismal, ditto for the Roadsides. Technically mid-Atlantic but well out of the WABC range Now scare them up this way a little and I’ll make the print smaller to fit it all on two pages …

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