Governor Bridge Natural Area

I headed over to Governor Bridge Natural Area and Canoe Launch (behind Bowie Baysox Stadium in PG Co.) late this afternoon, hoping (a futile hope) for the reported golden-winged warbler and olive-sided flycatcher here. But it was very quiet bird-wise, with just a few resident species and a couple migrating warblers (prothonotary and black-and-white).  The fields of bush lespedeza (coming into full bloom) on both sides of the canoe launch trail, despite the late hour (didn’t get here until after 6 pm) still held a nice assortment of skippers, including swarms of Sachems plus Tawny-edged, Fiery, and Delaware.  Also Red-banded Hairstreak, Common Buckeye, Pearl Crescent and lots of ETBs. Midday this place could be really hopping.  Later in the season looks like it will have plenty of tickseed, goldenrod, and other fall composites.  Bears keeping an eye on, I think.

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