Labor Day Weekend Lepping Options with Dick Smith

Sept 3           (Lake Elkhorn Study Tract, Columbia MD)  BUTTERFLIES THROUGH BINOCULARS: Lake Elkhorn Powerline Vegetation Management Study Tract, 9:30 a.m. 2-3 hours.  Meet at Elkhorn Howard County Garden Plots, Oakland Mills Rd., Columbia, MD, opposite Dasher Court.  Enjoy searching for late-summer butterflies, and receive expert instruction on their identification. Dick will add information about caterpillar host and adult nectar plants as we encounter various species. Easy walking in the above cited garden plot and on paved paths near the right-of-way alongside open, flowery wet meadows and brushy hillsides which are part of the BGE ROW Vegetation Management Study Tract. Bring close-focus binoculars to view nectaring behavior, but Dick will also use net and jars to provide brief close-up examinations. Cancelled if raining or overcast. Rustic facilities. Leader – Dick Smith, Ph: 410-997-7439.

Sept 4         (Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area, Owings Mills, MD) Meet at Soldiers Delight Visitor Center; slide program begins at 1:00 pm.  Butterfly expert Dick Smith will present a slide show on barrens butterflies and then lead the group for about 2 miles along trails through the globally rare serpentine barrens ecosystem at Soldiers Delight.  In addition to locally-occurring and serpentine-endemic late summer butterflies such as the attractive Leonard’s Skipper, we will examine and identify many native grasses and wildflowers seldom seen in abundance in other locations around Maryland.  Close-focus binoculars are recommended, but butterfly net-and-release (with in-jar identification) will be conducted by the leader.  Educational and fun for kids and adults!  Hike will be cancelled if raining or overcast, but slideshow will be presented regardless of weather status. Leader – Dick Smith, Ph: 410-997-7439

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