NELeps — New Online Discussion Group

Harry Pavulaan has created a new discussion listserv at Yahoo Groups to encourage a bit more science-based discussion about leps of the Northeast.  Here’s his announcement; a testament to how much the community welcomes this more research-focused discussion is that the group’s already up to almost 30 members!


I have created a new Yahoo discussion group:  NEleps
This group hopes to complement existing discussion groups such as Vermont Leps and is intended for the more scientifically-inclined, focusing more on research and taxonomy.  Anyone with an interest in the more scientific side of lepidopterology in the northeastern region of the U.S. is welcome to join (including butterfly watchers, photographers, breeders, naturalists, conservationists and gardeners).  This is a new group so it may take some time to build up membership.  This forum hopes to complement existing discussion groups such as NYS Butterflies and valeps.  If interested in joining, please respond to me directly and I’ll send the official invitation to join.
Harry Pavulaan

moderator, <<

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