This weekend in the field!

This weekend it looks like the weather is shaping up for a great weekend in the field for WABC members.
On Saturday you’ve got plenty of options. You can join the Montgomery Co. MD or Maidens VA NABA counts, or join Scott Baron for an outing at Sky Meadows VA.  Check the trips and counts page above for contact info; Scott’s has been updated as follows:


Join the Washington Area Butterfly Club for an outing at Sky Meadows State Park Saturday.  Meet in the main parking lot (Mt. Bleak House/Visitor Center). 
We’ll start at 10am.  Walk will be on sometimes hilly trails though fields and   After walking part of the west side of the park we’ll probably drive to
the Bridle Trail area on the east side for a short walk there.

No reservations necessary.  Park entrance fee is $4 per carload on weekends.

During last week’s 4th of July Butterfly Count we saw many Northern Cloudywing,
as well as high numbers of Eastern Tailed-Blue and Great Spangled Fritillary. 
The thistle and milkweed are in peak bloom and should attract many butterflies. 
The park is also a great place to find Red-headed Woodpecker.

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