The Snakebit Spring Season

For the third time in a row, the WABC field trip scheduled for the weekend bit the dust owing to poor weather conditions.  This one would have been to Green Ridge State Forest, and while we here in the DC metro area saw quite a bit of sunshine this afternoon before the storms started rolling in, western Maryland had strong rains and storms much of the day.  Yesterday was a complete bust, cloudy and cool with occasional rain in Green Ridge, from most reports.

This led one stalwart WABC officer to declare 2011 officially a “snakebit season.”

We’re hoping for better weather next Sunday (the 22d), when ANS organizes a field trip to Blue Mountain in Linden VA.  Last I checked, there was still space on this trip; the location is known for regular if rare occurrences of Early Hairstreak (although the records are for late April/early May), and participants will almost certainly see Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail.

The next official WABC field trip will be June 11, tentatively scheduled for areas in the Frederick Watershed/Frederick Municipal Forest and environs.  Tom Stock is offering to lead us to some of the spots he knows, and we’ll be doing some scouting in advance.

And June kicks off the NABA count season, with the June 25 WABC date given over to the Montgomery Co MD annual count.  Also in June are counts for Sky Meadows VA, Maidens VA, Furnace Hills PA, Belleplain State Park NJ and Cumberland Co NJ.  Check out the season calendar for more details.

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