Buckeyes Beckon

Decided to drive this weekend to meetings tomorrow in Columbus, OH with science and medical writing colleagues at Ohio State University (and to spend a day on the far side birding Magee Marsh Tuesday).  I had hoped to pick up some interesting leps at Cranesville Swamp and Finzel Bog en route, but periodic squalls kept everything under cover except a few azures at Cranesville and a huge black bear that came out onto the boardwalk to greet me at Finzel.  Blueberries are in full bloom in both spots, though, so there could be good leps in sunnier and warmer weather. Other plant highlights included orchids and goldthread. 

Drove on to Salt Fork State Park near Cadiz, OH and stayed overnight in the lodge there to get an early start on a day of butterflying before heading into Columbus in time for Game of Thrones (we all have our priorities).  The day was warm, in the upper 60’s, but with significant amounts of heavy cloud cover.
In the couple of good 15-minute breaks Cadiz got I picked up my FOY (and first in many years, actually) B. bellona in the wet meadows across from that ginormous parking lot complex by the (closed) nature center.  Most everything else was pretty standard, except for a really good showing of a couple dozen falcates (male and female), mostly still in pretty good shape, all along R52.  And the trilliums in flower were a real treat — they’re long past bloom in Maryland.

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