Update on Saturday WABC Trip to Blue Mountain

As of tonight, there is a weather system that will bring rain and colder temperatures to the mid-Atlantic tomorrow and into Saturday.  The current forecast for Linden VA calls for rain on Saturday morning, clearing a bit by early afternoon but with an increasing chance of thunderstorms.  Not at all ideal butterflying weather.

Given that Sunday is Easter, we probably would not reschedule anyhow, but the chance of thunderstorms increases for Sunday, although the temperature will be warmer.  So Sunday is off the table.

Now, having said that, it could turn out to be beautiful and warm in Linden on Saturday.  But it’s too long a drive for many of us to go and turn back around.

A decision about whether to proceed will be made at 6 am on Saturday morning based on radar images and forecasts, and I’ll post here and on both washbutterflies and VA-MD-DE Bugs.  And I’ll email all registered participants. Registered participants also have my cell phone number and can call for an update after 6 am.

Check for meet-up details in the previous post.

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